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Want to look a Solarium in the city of Moscow? Vertical Solarium photo. Go to the web page! Big variety of tanning beds available for you to purchase the mode real-time. Your choice provided the tanning bed horizontal, vertical plan, turbo solarium and solarium with seat, for home use or professional type designed for beauty salons. The sale not only the units, but all required accessories. All products have a guarantee of quality and will last you properly many years. Sale tanning used. We offer tanning in Moscow have the affordable price. In addition, there are devices that sold on the shares that can be purchased to great advantage. You also thought some of conditions of sale, the fulfillment of which will give good discount.


Varieties of tanning beds

Many people in the city of Moscow seek today to have a beautiful skin with a smooth tan. However, to attain needed in the natural way, spending a large amount of time on the beach under the rays of the sun, can afford not all. Vertical Solarium minute. To desire to have beautiful skin has become a reality in spite of everything today, you can use a solarium. This device creates radiation, similar in its composition with sun, which contributes to skin pigmentation and acquisition of the desired color tan. All solariums, produced by modern manufacturers, it is possible to divide into two large groups by appointment. So there are devices that are suited only for your personal use at home. They have a relatively high power and small size. Solariums for home use rebuilt for connection simple electrical networks with a voltage of 220 volts. Solarium for home use buy. The number of lamps they normally not more than forty pieces. Such solariums in Moscow have limited a set of functions and create the most gentle radiation. The second group includes all devices for professional use. They choose for salons and beauty studios. The power of these devices allows to use devices almost around the clock, giving a little time to cool the lamp.

Professional tanning bed in the city of Moscow have huge amount of additional features, is intended for customer convenience. Ventilation system, air-conditioning, music and other add-ons that can make the procedure more more pleasant. Cab type of Solarium is also the reason for distinction on the species. On this basis, devices are separated for horizontal, vertical and sessile type. Maximum uniform tan you can get in a horizontal type tanning. The tanning tricks. And the color of skin turns almost the same as when genuine method. However, to install it requires very much space. More compact will vertical solarium. It take tan standing. It's very good from the point of view of hygiene, because during the procedure the body not in contact with the walls of the device. Vertical solarium, usually has greater power. To achieve this it is interested in skin tone can be for a shorter period. More advanced type this type is called a turbo-solarium. They have a great cooling system, enabling long continuous operation. In Turbellaria there are various modes and a large number of additional functions. Sedentary solarium in Moscow able to directed radiation. They tan you can not take the whole body and its separate places. This model is very comfortable to apply and gives a fairly rapid effect. Infa

Helpful properties of tanning

The solarium has a huge number positive to human body properties. Of course, provided that its use is not abused. In the first place, definitely, beauty. A lot of people in the city of Moscow dream of a beautiful, smooth, dark skin color. A solarium this dream realized. How to tan in the vertical Solarium. During the procedures, executed with the help of solarium, body synthesized vitamin D. It provides the correct absorption of calcium, thereby enhancing bone tissue. Proven beneficial impact solar radiation in the treatment of many skin diseases.

A solarium and a excellent to cope with this feature. The reception of the tanning helps strengthening immune system. Proven that people who regularly use the solarium in Moscow, less prone to colds and infections. Vertical Solarium photo. Of course, like any other cosmetic and preventative tool, tan in the solarium it is necessary to take normalized. Do not overdo it with artificial irradiation, exactly as with natural. Here

  1. Select the Solarium
  2. Make application online
  3. Confirm the purchase of the phone
  4. Will make the payment and get the desired solarium

Buy Solarium

As to get a solarium?

The purchase of a Solarium in the city of Moscow can be done very easy. For this you don't require to go beyond your own computer. Mode real-time fill in the application detailing accurate data for feedback. In specific boxes, specify the kind of the Solarium, his model and required quantity. Home mini Solarium. At a given your algorithm will automatically determined the cost of buying at a discount. On left phone number to call a specialist in the sale of tanning salons in Moscow to confirm applications and details. A good you purchase!


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